Love is in the air… yes, love is in the air! Colours change, as do people’s moods; you breathe something new – positive, warm, inebriating scents; spring has arrived! Time seems still uncertain, but the calendar does not mind, and with the spring the wedding season officially begins. Traditionally spring is associated with the beginning of new life. The flowers blossom, the earth wakes up from its winter sleep, the trees begin to recover their leaves, you can listen to the birds chirping, and this awakens the soul and body, and it is easy that this inebriating atmosphere is completed with love stories. All these elements bind spring to a magical time of the year, and even weddings can easily be enriched by this elegant and romantic atmosphere.

Heavy fabrics and patterns are abandoned to make room for light and airy designs that still take into account the unexpected spring elements such as days which are still a little cool. In the case of rain, transparent or coordinated umbrellas can be used – all without losing that fairytale touch.