Duomo Cathedral


The Cathedral is one of the oldest and most important medieval monuments of Taormina. Its origins date back to the thirteenth century and it was built on the ruins of a church dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Bari and later rebuilt during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and then again in the eighteenth century. The medieval structure of the church-fortress, in additional to the external architectural severity highlighted by battlements that crown the whole construction, can be seen from the imposing tower-bastion, on which the bells were placed in 1750. ... Continua a leggere


Celebration of Weddings: Celebrations must be agreed with the Priest

Weekdays: Morning 10.30 | 11.30 Afternoon: Winter time 16.00 | 18.30 Summer time 17.00 | 18:30

Saturday and pre-holidays: Morning 10.30 | 11.30 – Afternoon 16.00 | 18.30 Summer time 17.00 | 18:30

Sunday: C.E.SI prohibition


The Cathedral Basilica – is located in the central Piazza Duomo of Taormina

Visiting Hours: Every day 9.00 – 21.00

Tel .: + 39 0942 23123

Number of Seats: 240 seats

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