Church of Varò


The Church of Varò, whose name is translated into Spanish as Visitation is seen immediately after completing the climb of the flight of steps to the right, following the Porta Clock Tower. The church, representing a very common rustic style of architecture was commissioned by Cav. Blasio Corvaja in the late eighteenth century and was completed by his brother Sigismund in the early nineteenth century. In reality it was only a restoration and an enlargement of a primitive church.... Continua a leggere


Celebration of Weddings:  Celebrations must be agreed with the Priest


The Church of Varò is situated in via dei Fabi or Piazza del Varò

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9.30/12.30   All fridays during Lent  16.00/20.00

Tel.: + 39 942 23123

Number of Seats: 128 Seats

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