Church of San Giuseppe


The Church of Saint Giuseppe is located in Piazza IX Aprile, just opposite the beautiful terrace from which you can admire breathtaking views, next to the clock tower, in which opens the door of the third town wall which still exists. The church, dating from the second half of 1600, is reached by climbing the steps of a grand double staircase, fenced with a magnificent Syracuse stone balustrade, characterized by six artistic vases with agave plants that frame the main portal.... Continua a leggere


Celebration of Weddings:  The celebrations must be agreed with the Priest (Closed for restoration)

Weekdays: Morning 10.30| 11.00Afternoon: Wintertime 18.00 | 18.30 Summertime 18.00 | 18.30

Saturday and pre-holidays: Morning 10.30 | 11.00Afternoon Wintertime 18.00 | 18.30 Summertime 18.00 | 18.30

Sunday: C.E.SI prohibition


The Church of San Giuseppe is positioned in the panoramic Piazza IX Aprile

Visiting Hours: all days  9.00 – 21.00 (Closed for restoration)

Tel.: + 39 942 23766

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